1. Grilled lamb chops, asparagus and new potatoes with onions.

  2. RIBEYE: Grilled just the way I like it.

  3. Cracker crusted pan fried Atlantic striped bass.

    Sauteed Swiss chard & onion

    *All donated to the cause, all delicious!

  4. Just gotta squish it down a bit….

  5. Grilled:

    Jerk Turkey Leg, Onion Tater Chips & Asparagus.

  6. Sausage on a bun at work… BBQ

  7. Breakfast outside!

    Frittata (egg pizza)

  8. Grilled burgers and sausages…

    the sausages act as pickle slices in this instance.

  9. Baby Spinach Salad with roasted chicken, cheddar and a bunch of other stuff…

  10. Charcoal is back! (it was 15C yesterday)

    Grilled spicy zucchini and Mediterranean style pork chop.