1. Brandy & three peppercorn rib-eye steak.

    Maple, bacon cream cheese jalapeno poppers.

    All Grilled, nap inducing greatness.

  2. Beer. on ice. in the sink. at a motel.

  3. Beef ‘n’ pork chili.

    Cilantro, scallions, jalapenos, cheddar & sour cream garnish.

  4. Grilled:

    Pork Chop, New Potatoes & Pesto Asparagus. 

  5. Grilled lamb chops, asparagus and new potatoes with onions.

  6. RIBEYE: Grilled just the way I like it.

  7. Cracker crusted pan fried Atlantic striped bass.

    Sauteed Swiss chard & onion

    *All donated to the cause, all delicious!

  8. Just gotta squish it down a bit….

  9. Grilled:

    Jerk Turkey Leg, Onion Tater Chips & Asparagus.

  10. Sausage on a bun at work… BBQ